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By Jaap M J den Toonder; Patrick R Onck

ISBN-10: 1849737096

ISBN-13: 9781849737098

Content material: bankruptcy 1: creation; part: Theoretical and numerical descriptions of synthetic Cilia; bankruptcy 2: Numerical modeling for synthetic cilia; bankruptcy three: Computational layout of magnetic synthetic cilia; bankruptcy four: Modeling the interplay of energetic cilia with species in resolution: from chemical reagents to microscopic debris; bankruptcy five: Electrostatic synthetic cilia; bankruptcy 6: Ferromagnetic cilia; bankruptcy 7: gentle actuated synthetic cilia according to liquid crystal networks; bankruptcy eight: Hydrogel-Actuated built-in Responsive platforms (HAIRS): developing Cilia-like 'Hairy' Surfaces; bankruptcy nine: Microwalkers - Charles Singh and Alfredo Alexander-Katz; bankruptcy 10: man made flagellar microswimmers; part: the opportunity of synthetic cilia: experimental proof; bankruptcy eleven: Fluid manipulation via man made cilia; bankruptcy 12: dimension of Fluid stream Generated via synthetic Cilia

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51 So, each bead experiences stretching and bending forces and additional forces due to the actuation of the filament. 1 illustrates the geometry. 24 In the following we describe the model in detail. We first explain how we couple the bead-spring chain to the viscous fluid. 1 Method of Mobilities At low Reynolds number fluid inertia can be neglected on time scales larger than the time t ¼ d 2 =ð6Z=rÞ fluid momentum needs to diffuse a characteristic distance d, where we have introduced the viscosity Z and the mass density r of the fluid.

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5 In addition, the motion of the filament in positive and negative y direction has to be asymmetric. 2. During the transport stroke with duration tl, the filament rotates slowly about its anchoring point following the magnetic field. Due to the small frictional forces the filament hardly bends. To complement the beating cycle by the fast recovery stroke, the field direction quickly rotates in the reverse direction during the smaller time intervall ts and the filament bends due to increased hydrodynamic friction.

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