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This is often the 1st book-length therapy of supplication, a huge social perform in historical Mediterranean civilizations. regardless of the significance of supplication, it has obtained little cognizance, and no prior learn has explored such a lot of features of the perform. Naiden investigates the numerous gestures made through the supplicants, the categories of requests they make, the arguments utilized in security in their requests, and the function of the supplicandus, who evaluates and makes a decision even if to satisfy the requests. various and considerable resources invite comparability among the societies of Greece and Rome and likewise between literary genres. also, Naiden formulates an research of the ritual in its felony and political contexts. In developing this wealthy and thorough examine, Naiden thought of over 800 acts of supplication from Greek, Hebrew, and Roman literature, paintings, and medical resources. 30 illustrations and a map of the correct destinations accompany the textual content.

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Is a gesture necessary, as many scholars have thought? If not, what does it add? When do suppliants follow Phemius’s example and use a combination? Do combinations correlate with genres and cultures? The third step in supplication falls into two parts, requests and arguments. Phemius and Leodes request to be spared, and support this request with moral, legal, and other arguments. What do suppliants ask for, and how important are requests that are less pressing than the request to be spared? As regards arguments, how important are legal and moral arguments as opposed to others?

But the long face that Tiberius showed to at least one suppliant did him no good. 10 Any emperor missing from this list surely received suppliants, too, a conclusion suggested by the range of those who are on it. Some, like Trajan, at least pretended to share power with the Senate, and others, like Caligula, did not, and so pro-senatorial writers such as Tacitus favor the one and detest the other. No matter: suppliants seek out the emperor—any emperor. The royal supplicandus was prestigious enough to find his way into the New Testament, albeit under another name—the Christ, the king of the Jews.

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