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By J. Lawrynowicz, J. Lodz

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Chapter 5 NMR Spectroscopy Type 2: Nuclei with I = V2. These nuclei have a non-zero magnetic moment and are NMR visible and have no nuclear electric quadrupole (Q). 06% at natural abundance). Also, two other commonly observed nuclei 19F and 31P have I = A Together, NMR data for 'H and 13C account for well over 90% of all NMR observations in the literature and the discussion and examples in this book mostly refer to these two nuclei. However, the spectra of all nuclei with I = x/i can be understood easily on the basis of common theory.

A CW scan generally takes of the order of one hundred 40 Chapter 5 NMR Spectroscopy times as long as the collection of the equivalent FID. During the time it would have taken to acquire one CW spectrum, a computer can accumulate many FID scans and add them up in its memory. The sensitivity (signal-to-noise ratio) of the NMR spectrum is proportional to the square root of the number of scans which are added together, so the quality of NMR spectra is vastly improved as more scans are added. It is the increase in sensitivity brought about by the introduction of FT NMR spectroscopy that has permitted the routine observation of 13C NMR spectra.

Instead, a prominent peak occurs at m/e = 105 due to the stable ion Ph-C=0+. Electronic databases of the mass spectral fragmentation patterns of known molecules can be rapidly searched by computer. The pattern and intensity of fragments in the mass spectrum is characteristic of an individual compound so comparison of the experimental mass spectrum of a compound with those in a library can be used to positively identify it, if its spectrum has been recorded previously. OH 55 C 4H9 57 60 C 5H5 65 CH3CH2^ / _ \ _ 57 77 ch 2= c X° H c 6h 5 _ 91 xx - f u N O ^ c h 2-

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