Analysis of Kinetic Models of Chemical Reaction Systems: by L. A. Tavadyan, G. A. Martoyan PDF

By L. A. Tavadyan, G. A. Martoyan

ISBN-10: 1631178652

ISBN-13: 9781631178658

English model of: Analiz kineticheskikh modelei khimicheskikh reak'tsionnykh sistem.

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1. Shematic pattern of procedures in the “ping-pong” kinetics. It should be emphasized again that identification of the kinetic significance of steps in a reaction system provides the successful coupling of theory and experiment in the kinetics of chemical reactions, aimed at solution of objective-oriented problems of chemistry. 2. MATHEMATICAL METHODS FOR IDENTIFICATION OF KINETIC SIGNIFICANCE OF INDIVIDUAL STEPS IN CHEMICAL REACTION SYSTEMS In this section the more formalized methods on determining the role of individual steps in complex chemical reactions are briefly described.

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Analysis of Kinetic Models of Chemical Reaction Systems: Value Approach by L. A. Tavadyan, G. A. Martoyan

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