America as story: historical fiction for middle and by Rosemary K. Coffey PDF

By Rosemary K. Coffey

ISBN-10: 0838907024

ISBN-13: 9780838907023

Via conscientiously chosen stories, this article is helping scholars establish with the struggles and triumphs of youngsters development a sod residence at the Nebraska prairie, following the North famous person with a daring band of escaped slaves, or vacationing in steering from rural Russia to city the US.

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Who was she? Where did she come from? How did she manage to persuade Captain Stanton that she was his real daughter? 3. Think about Captain Stanton's reasons for refusing to recognize Stone Girl as his daughter. How valid were they? Could you have countered his arguments any better than his mother did? What would you have said? I Am Regina Sally M. Keehn New York: Philomel, 1991. 237p. (1, 2) In 1755, eleven-year-old Regina watches helplessly as two armed Indians kill her father and older brother.

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