Yu-lan Fung, Derk Bodde's A Short History of Chinese Philosophy PDF

By Yu-lan Fung, Derk Bodde

The vintage chronicle of chinese language philosophical proposal from the 3rd millennium to the 20 th century.

From the sage-kings of historic China to the 1911 overthrow of the oldest monarchical procedure on this planet, chinese language philosophy has developed and encouraged colleges of idea all over the world. In an obtainable voice, A brief heritage of chinese language Philosophy truly illuminates Confucianism, Taoism, Mohism, Yin-Yang, and extra. For these drawn to philosophy or Asian experiences, this is often the best window into old and smooth chinese language ideology.

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After three years the artisan completed it, and when the artificial leaf was put upon the tree, it was made so wonderfully that no one could distinI gnish it from the real leaves. Thereupon thc Prince was much pleased. " (Lieh-tZtL, ch. he n~tUJaI and condemns the artificial. The way of life of the fanners is to follow natme_ They admire nature and condcmn the artificial, and in their primitivity and innoccncc, they arC easily made coutent. 'I1ley desire no change, l10r can they conceive uf any change.

At that time there was a book entitled Shih-shuo Hsin-yii, which is a record of the clever sayings and romantic activities of the famous men of. the age. Most of the sayings are very brief, some consisting of only! few words. It is stated in that book (eh. u) and Confucius. " The high official was very much pleased with this answer, and instantly appointed the philosopher as his secretary. Since the answer consists of only three words in the Chinese language, this philosopher has been known as the threeword secretary.

Some of them were established by the founders of the Chou dynasty, who had allotted the newly conquered territory as feudal fiefs to their relatives. " Within each state, under the Prince, the land was again divided into many fiefs, each with its own feudal lord, who were relatives of the Prince. At that time, political power and economic control were one and the same. Those who had the land were the political and economic masters of it, and of the people who lived on it. They were the chiin tzu, a term which literally means "sons of the Princes," but which was used as a common designation of the class of the feudal lords.

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