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By John Joseph Saunders

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Will not be the phrases "Medieval Islam" a redundancy? whilst has Islam ever no longer been "Medieval"? for instance, with the intention to examine the heritage of the "Dark Ages", you'll examine eighth and ninth century Europe, otherwise you might examine any Arab state this present day that is guided by way of Islamic rules.

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One of their kings, Imr’ul-Kais, was a poet and a patron of poets; his desert court became a literary centre, whose productions attained a wide fame and helped to fix the dialect in which they were composed as the classical tongue of Arabia, as Luther’s Bible did for German. Almost every Bedouin tribe had, of course, long had its sha‘ir or bard, who sang of his people’s victories in battle, but this sudden flowering of poetic talent was as unexpected as the appearance in their day of Homer and the Chansons de Geste.

1954, arts. , Arab Seafaring in the Indian Ocean, Princeton, 1951. A good short account of the sea commerce of old Arabia. , Arabia before Muhammad, London 1927. Now somewhat out-of-date. PHILBY, H. ST. , The Empty Quarter, London, 1933. The story of the crossing of the Rub al-Khali. All Philby’s travel books are worth reading. ROBERTSON SMITH, The Religion of the Semites, Cambridge, 1889. 3rd ed. 1927. A classic on ancient Semitic religion. ROBERTSON SMITH, Kinship and Marriage in Early Arabia, Cambridge, 1903.

They had failed to succour their 29 THE PROPHET fellow-Jews, but during the siege of Medina their conduct had been ambiguous and suspicious, and the Prophet undoubtedly believed that they had been guilty of treasonable relations with his pagan foes. Blockaded in their quarters, they surrendered unconditionally, and no doubt expected that they would be expelled like the BanuNadir. Mu’adh. This man was, however, their bitter enemy, and he decreed that all the men of the clan should be put to death and the women and children sold into slavery.

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