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By 前田 富祺, 野村 雅昭

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P. (1999). Relations among childhood memory, a history of abuse, dissociation, and repression. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 14, 1172–1192. A. (2002). Directed forgetting in acute stress disorder. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 111, 175–179. A. (in press). Retrieval inhibition of traumatic stimuli in acute stress disorder. Journal of Traumatic Stress. J. (1998). Repressive coping and the directed forgetting of emotional material. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 107, 141–148. , & Bauserman, R.

Geiselman, Bjork, and Fishman (1983) therefore postulated a further process to take place during directed forgetting. They hypothesised that the forget cue inhibits routes to the TBF items, resulting in retrieval inhibition. To test this hypothesis, Geiselman et al. (1983) developed a related paradigm involving a mixture of intentional and incidental learning. The innovation was that some material throughout the list was learned intentionally, while other material was learned incidentally, via a pleasantness judgement task, and was therefore not explicitly associated with the forget cue.

Upon arriving at the laboratory, participants provided written informed consent to participate in the research programme. During the first visit, Dr Clancy conducted a semistructured memory interview that yielded details essential for classifying the participant into one of the groups. Individuals qualifying for either the recovered memory or continuous memory group were asked whether they could furnish corroboration of the abuse. Using the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV (First, Spitzer, Gibbon, & Williams, 1996) and the PTSD Symptom Scale interview (Foa & Tolin, 2000), Dr Clancy assessed for current Axis I mental disorders (Clancy & McNally, 2004).

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